Doula Do Support Services
What can a Doula Do for you?


Help when you need it

Areas of Service

Overnight Care

In the wake of sleep deprivation, a good night's sleep can be life changing

Breastfeeding support

Feeding positions, latch help or support when facing challenges

Help with infant care

How do I cut their tiny fingernails? How do I bathe a slippery baby? What's a bulb syringe? I can help you navigate the basics of newborn care

Light housekeeping

Let me take care of the little things around the house so you can focus on the little one in your arms

Sibling Care

Want to sleep when baby sleeps, but have an older child that needs help? Little breaks can make a big difference

swaddling and soothing techniques

There's nothing that compares to a mother's touch, but sometimes we still need help calming those little babes!

In home meal preparation

I can help with meal planning for the week, grocery shopping, prepping freezer meals or just preparing a good, hot, home cooked dinner

Aiding physical recovery

Whether you've delivered vaginally or by cesarean, physical recovery is par for the course. I can provide ways of easing the discomfort

emotional support

Sometimes we just need someone to talk to who understands and won't judge us in this emotional time